AAPL Director Report by Damon Weger, CPL

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American Association of Professional Landmen - Director News

Damon R. Weger, CPL

This year’s Annual Meeting in Seattle was well attended and by all accounts a success!  Planning for the Seattle meeting was a challenge in the wake of the low attendance numbers that came out of the 2016 Orlando meeting, but key members of AAPL felt that it could still be viable even with the challenges.  They worked with the host hotel and others to lower our costs allowing us to move forward with lower budgeted attendance numbers.  The Seattle meeting exceeded the budgeted attendance of 300 members with actual attendance at around 485 members and 118 spouses and other guests.  If you haven’t attended an AAPL Annual Meeting yet, I assure you it is worth your time and expense.  Many members bring their families along and use their time around the seminar and Expo as a vacation and to see the sights, since it is usually held in a great location.

AAPL management expected about a 10% decrease in membership over the past year, but it did not lose members and actually came out gaining a few.  AAPL is now sitting at about 16,700 members and is, along with the rest of us, anticipating a good year.

Summer NAPE:  We are looking good for a successful Summer NAPE - August 16-17.  If you have not made plans yet, now would be a good time to do so.  A new idea was tried out in Seattle for those looking for some social interaction and will also be tried out at NAPE in Houston this summer.  The idea is termed “Hot Play Happy Hour Socials” and will be held at local hot spots within walking distance of the George R. Brown Convention Center.  The socials are organized by active plays (e.g. Bakken, Permian, Scoop/Stack, Eagle Ford, Marcellus/Utica and Haynesville/Bossier) and are a fun and easy way to network with others working in your region of business.

If you are an AAPL member and eligible for the Certified Professional Landman (CPL) designation, but have not taken the CPL exam, please consider taking the short course and becoming certified.  It is our only land industry special designation and can only serve to help you along in your careers.  There are an increasing number of companies that request CPLs.

Also, for all of you who are working steadily and can afford it, please consider making a donation to the AAPL Educational Foundation to help further its mission of advancing the land community.  A planned, charitable donation to the AAPL Educational Foundation, Inc. is a gift that creates a lasting legacy within the oil and gas industry.  In addition, your gift will make a tremendous difference in the lives of landmen in furthering their continuing education and ultimately advancing their careers.

Finally, I would like to thank all LAPL members for your continued support and encouragement over the past four years.  I have considered it an honor and blessing to have served you as your AAPL Director and am now confidently passing the torch to the next Director.

As always, thank you all and may God Bless each of you.

Damon Weger, AAPL Director


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